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About us

For players, by players


A little bit about ourselves...

Basically, we are just a couple of cool dudes trying to make good games. We love playing board games, and now, we want to create our own. Let’s face it, there is something about playing side-by-side with your friends that the internet will never be able to replicate. 


Maybe it’s the literal finger pointing or that friend that keeps slamming the desk and laughing way too loud. Regardless of what it is, we want to be a part of it. We want a seat at your table.


Foundation and formation


Created in the hellish landscape that was 2020, in november, Dream Valley Studios was born. But before we start talking about ourselves way too much, we want to make something clear: this company was born out of passion.


First, let’s talk about Fábio Escalhão Atássio, a board game fanatic and the founder of this company. He worked in marketing for his entire life. So, in these cursed times, he made a choice: he took all his life savings and poured it in one project, into his dream. This company. 

His brother André Escalhão Atássio, another board game fan, joined him in this endeavor, and became the co-founder of Dream Valley Studios. This one has been playing games his entire life. 


Dream Valley Studios was born out of our passion for board games and we’re excited to bring everyone along on our journey: our studio creates games for players, by players.


What do we stand for

We are dreamers: Yeah, it sounds cheesy, but it is sincere. This company is the very manifestation of our dreams. We put our hearts and soul into our work.


We listen: We want you to be a part of the conversation. We believe that listening to what the community has to say can make our games better. I know, I know, some revolutionary thinking here. But genuine nonetheless.

Story: A good story is essential. Not everything needs to have a sprawling lore sprinkled in items descriptions for added mystery. A good narrative can be the difference between a decent game to an outstanding one.

Respect: Everybody deserves a voice. Good ideas can come from anywhere and everyone has something new to bring to the table.


Good things take time: We are not going to half-ass anything. We will not rush anything. We will take all the time we need and we will do it right. You deserve that. 

Independence: No investors or businessmen to please. We are our own and we will stay like that for as long as we live. We will always put players first.

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