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Developer Update #01

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Hey guys! If you check our website (yep, this one) you can probably find the page where we talk way too much about ourselves. In there we make some pretty big promises about our independence, creative vision and business model, but most importantly, for this article, you will find something about transparency.

We believe that transparency and communication is a vital part of game development. So, today, we will be talking about the development of the game, our next steps and how we intend to proceed in the coming weeks. Let’s get to it.

First things first, development on the game has been going smoothly and we just finished our last round of rules revisions, there is just one detail that we are trying to iron out before sharing more info with you guys, but hopefully we will be able to do that in the coming weeks. After that, we will be tuning and balancing the game.

While we were reviewing some rules and plans, we decided to push back the launch date of our Kickstarter page later into the year. While a part of the reason is Covid related, we made this decision because we believe that a couple of mechanics could use a little bit more work. Since prototyping takes a lot of time, and we have a small team, it would be better to make sure everything is ready so we can show you guys some amazing things that will be closer to the final product, rather than some half-baked ideas that might have to be changed later in the process. Currently we are aiming for a December release, we are sure that we made the right call, but we are sorry that we had to do this. And we are hoping that you guys agree with us when you see the final product.

Thankfully, you will not have to wait long to see it. We are currently working on bringing Goblin Uprising to the Tabletop Simulator. This means that very soon we will be able to invite people all over the world the play test the game from the safety of their houses. We are currently figuring out who we will invite but soon enough we will have plenty of information to share.

I know this was a long article but there is plenty that we needed to talk about. There is still a lot of content to come, including short stories, more enemies and even some cool mechanics that are featured in our game, but that is all for now.

We hope to see you guys again soon.

Stay Safe,

André Atássio

CCO & Co-Founder


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