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About classes and power

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Hey adventurers,

Since we just announced our very first game, Goblin Uprising, we should probably talk about it a little, right? Today we will be covering the main choice any player will have to make when playing the game: picking a class for your goblin.

First we would like to talk a little bit about our philosophy behind it, don’t worry, I promise we won’t take long. Basically, when we created the game, we wanted it to feel like a good RPG, that means character customization, plenty of choice and that usual fantasy flair that we all know and love. I could spend hundreds of lines and thousands of characters telling you about our influences (and we might do just that one day) but today, suffice to say that we are fans of TTRPGs and wanted that feeling here, but simplified.

What that means is that each class begins with 3 power cards, these cards are used in combat to deal damage and other effects to your target, provided you roll high enough on your die. Every time you level up, you can pick a new power card, and with every new level you unlock other power cards to choose from. Level 1 cards usually require a low roll on the die, so if you just need a little extra damage to win the battle, they are a safe bet. Level 2 cards are less reliable, requiring a higher roll, but they can provide some serious damage and powerful effects in a tough fight. Now, level 3 cards are kinda like your ultimate ability, using one will probably win the battle, or at the very least, turn the tides in your favor. They are not without its downsides. For example, they are even less reliable than a Level 2 card, and using it has it’s costs, but they hit like a truck.

Currently, each class has 13 power cards, so there is plenty of opportunity for you to mix and match spells, kinda like choosing your very own talent tree for that game. There are also rumours of legendary powers going around Eldain… Some spells that you can only get by fulfilling some sort of mission. But unlike the others, once you use it, it is gone forever.

The power cards, combined with passive abilities that each class has, is what we call a kit. We made sure to create 6 unique classes for the base game that can play vastly different from each other. Even if you have a favourite class, you will be able to play slightly differently from your previous match.

Other than that, you will also be able to choose from which goblin tribe you come from; earth, fire, water and air, giving you even further customization, but that is an article for another time. Ah! Before I go, I would like to share the artwork for 3 of our classes: the Barbarian, the Wizard and the Ranger.

See you again soon!

André Atássio

CCO & Co-Founder


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