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Goblin Uprising

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Hey adventurers!

After a year of work and many sleepless nights we are proud to announce the very first board game by Dream Valley Studios.

Goblin Uprising is a competitive board game featuring the world’s favorite punching bag: goblins.

The game is set in Eldain, a land filled with monsters, magic and adventures. Enter the fray as a goblin. After years of being treated as a second-class citizen by the Tall Races, you and your friends decide to take matters into your own little goblin hands. In this journey you will face Humans, Dwarves, Elves and Merfolk in your efforts for justice. But do not fret, for you are not alone. In your adventures you will meet Guardians, spiritual entities that have been wronged by the Tall races and are looking for allies to dispense their retribution.

The primary objective is simple, dethrone the current monarch and take its place to lead the Goblinfolk into a brighter future. While the goal is pretty clear, how to reach it changes with every match. In one game you might need to cooperate with your friends and face the king together, but in another you might find yourself locked in a battle royale with your fellow goblins. And of course there will be plenty of loot along the way. Regardless of what predicament fate has thrust upon you, we hope you find yourself having fun in this new world. Topple tyrants, make powerful allies and betray your friends in this chaotic adventure made for 3 to 6 players.

Also all these beautiful art pieces that you are seeing here were created by Daniel Veiga, Aluísio Cervelle and Vanessa Bueno.

We are going to release the game on a crowdfunding platform. We are currently aiming for a summer release. Pre register to stay updated!

Stay tuned for more news.

Fábio Atássio CEO & Founder

André Escalhão

CCO & Co-Founder


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