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The Guardians of Eldain

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Hello adventurers! We have been working really hard to bring the best game that we can, and we are happy to say that development is going smoothly. You might have already heard about our latest news but it is worth repeating nonetheless: we have chosen kickstarter as our crowdfunding platform. We are pretty happy to be on the same platform that launched tons of amazing games. But this is not what we are here to talk about today, we are here to talk about your companions against the Tall Races, the guardians! They are spirits of the Eldain that have been wronged in some way by the humans, elves, dwarves or merfolk of the land. Some of them have been betrayed, others have been abandoned, but all of them want justice. All they need is someone worthy to follow, prove yourself, and you got a friend for life. To those that accompany us on social media, you probably have already seen all of our friends, but here they are just to be sure.

This is their story, but now, let’s talk about how they play. Basically, each guardian has 2 abilities. The first one can be used every turn, and its continual usage will put you ahead. Mons, for example, can protect you from damage. Alone it is not that powerful, but all those turns preventing a little damage adds up really fast. Now the really exciting power is the second one, but it is one that you cannot use every turn. Cora, the air guardian, has an ability that can send any player to their starting area, including yourself. This provides not only great mobility but also high utility.

This is how they work, it is a great way to turn the tables on your enemies or catch up with your opponents. Now, the guardians are not going to lend their powers to any goblin that comes to them, you have to prove yourself. To some, it is a simple task, our friend Mons over here just needs to be sure that you can handle your own in combat. Others will be a more complicated affair, but once you gain their trust, they will follow you wherever you go. Literally in this case.

Yep, that is right, when we said that your companion will follow you, we meant it. They will always have your back. For now, that is all we have to reveal. We will also be ramping up our updates here. As we get closer and closer to our projected launch window, a lot of things are getting ready, or at least ready enough, to see the light of day. We will be seeing you guys here next week to talk about the rules of the game and how it plays. We have waited a bit to make such a post to make sure that no big changes would happen, now we feel comfortable enough to share it with you guys, but for today, that will be all.

See you guys next week!

André Escalhão Atássio

CCO & Co-Founder


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