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Welcome to the world of Eldain

Great adventures are waiting for you...

eldain - let me tell you a story

Ah… Eldain. Homeland and sanctuary of the goblins or at least it once was before the Tall Races began their conquest. But our story begun even before the "Tall Races" or the Goblins Eldain was a vast place with beautiful prairies, stunning forests, relaxing reefs, high mountains, scorching deserts and a chilling tundra. But no one to live on them, so the Gods decided to create life and that is where our story begins...


prologue - world creation

A long time ago, when the world was still young, the gods gazed upon the lands that they created and discussed what manner of creatures would walk upon the world.

“I will create a race as hardy and stout as the mountain themselves” Said the Goddess of fire. She approached the Anvil of Fates, with the help of the other elements and using fire as it’s primal source, she hammered the dwarves into shape.

“My people will walk and protect the woods of the world. And for that I will make them as wise as I can. “Said the God of Earth. He approached the anvil and harnessed the elements. And with the blessing of the earth, the elves were molded in his image.

“The lakes and rivers of the lands will be where my kin will rest and enjoy their lives” Said the Goddess of Water. She added water to all the other elements and shaped the merfolks into existence.

“The world will need ambitious people to drive it forward. My people will enjoy short but intense lives” Said the God of Air. He placed all the elements upon the anvil and with a breath of fresh air, he willed the creation of the humans.

Proud of their work, they left the Anvil of Fates shortly after, knowing that their creations would become friends in the future. What they did not realize was, by shaping them with pride in their hearts, each and every race had a dark side. The elves, with all their wisdom, thought themselves better than the rest. The dwarves with all their stamina and strength, could become tyrants. The merfolks, with their easy-going nature, would become complacent and vicious if their way of life is in danger. And the humans, with their thirst for progress, would become greedy.


But there was something else that the gods overlooked. They used almost every ounce of every element. Almost. There was a speck of earth, a breath of air, a droplet of water and an ember of fire. These forgotten leftovers would become something special, something that just destiny could be responsible for…At the Anvil of Fates the leftovers waited to fade away inch by inch, but at the dawn of the first day, when the sunlight filled with life reached the leftovers something extraordinary happened, the leftover gained life, these leftovers were the Goblins.

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story - we need an uprising

Long ago, the four goblin tribes lived in harmony in the Eldain region. The Earth Goblins tended to the forest, the Fire Goblins watched the mountains, the Water Goblins lived in the reefs and the Air Goblins guarded the praires. The land was prosperous and blessed by the spirits and by peace. 


But everything changed when the tall races attacked. Elves, dwarves, merfolk and humans desecrated the goblin’s shrines, ravaged their land and destroyed their hope. Decades have passed, now the goblins are constantly bullied by the tall ones, reduced to nothing more than a nuisance for the so-called “heroes” of the land. Fed up with years of mistreatments, the four goblins tribes have reunited once more. 

A special meeting was taking place in Magatuba, goblins from all over the lands heed the call from their earthen brethren. Fire, air and water goblins, all had come to the earth goblin’s village. Travel was dangerous at times like these. Wild animals were always looking for a little snack, but even when wildlife was sparse, they had other predators to worry about, those that walked on 2 feet.

It turns out that elves, dwarves, merfolks and humans are way more dangerous than the random wild boar. And way craftier too. Also, the fact that they don’t see goblins as people definitely does not help. The worst part is that they do not see a problem with this. In their eyes goblins are irrelevant little creatures. To make a long story short, they are jerks.

All the goblins were gathered around the biggest bonfire of the village, just waiting to see why they were summoned to this emergency meeting. They were talking non-stop and some fights had breakout, but this is inevitable. When goblins meet, a little bit of chaos is normal, and sometimes, welcomed. After some time of rowdiness, yelling and laughter, 4 goblins, one of each tribe, took to the center of the ruckus, contrary to popular belief, goblins can behave, they just don’t want to. And honestly, who does?


The earth goblin started speaking, the tension amongst the crowd was palpable.

-Hello everyone - her voice booming across the unruly mobs of goblins, as per usual - We are all gathered here due to some complaints.

The goblins were waiting patiently, a rare thing for them, but even though this was no brawl or a roast of any kind, they could tell that it was not an ordinary meeting. Or they were hoping for a train wreck. The important part is that they were listening.

-Last week, we had some supplies homeward bound, coming from the plains, guess what happened? - The crowd exploded. Figuratively, of course. This would be a pretty short story otherwise.

-Humans happened! - said one air goblin, springing himself up from a sitting position, answering something that everyone already knew.

-And what happened to the medicine that we got for Timmy’s leg? - She said bellowed once again.


-Those stuck up elves stole them from us! - Said someone from the fire tribe. Elves are also the worst.


-Yeah! Now my leg is all itchy and weird - Said someone from the earth tribe, apparently Timmy.

-Last night they freezed my friend in place - said a boy from the water tribe - And we still can’t get him out of the ice.

-That wizard used me and my friends as target dummy for his fireballs - said another - granted, he was pretty bad, but he is getting better!

-That jackass barbarian used Melvin to hit Kara! Twice! - Chaos was arising amidst them. - They are the worst!

-Yes! - The earth spokeswoman had to scream now if her words were to reach anyone, luckily goblins are pretty good at that too - They all suck! And I’m tired of these adventurers always getting the best of us. 


- We should steal their things! - The voice came from somewhere among the crowd.

The water spokesperson rose from his seat - They always drove us out of our lands, they steal our things, kick our butts and mock us.

-All because they want a little bit of loot! I mean, we barely have anything at all - the fire tribe spokeswoman - We are their punching bags, and they just keep it coming.


- They parade around like they own the place, like they are the heroes! - Said the spokesman from the water tribe.

- I believe it’s about time that we wreck them. We suffered long enough under their thumbs, it is time to upend their dastardly evil schemes and take what is rightfully ours! - The crowd was silent for a couple of seconds, it is not often that the air goblins snaps, and with their spokesperson that would be even rarer. They were a little taken aback by it. That and they did not know some of those words. That definitely did not help, but it did motivate them.

-Yeah! - Said the fire spokeswoman - that is why we are all gathered here, it’s time we do something about it. 


- We propose an alliance! - Said the air spokesperson - We should kick their butts off the throne and take it for ourselves!

- And steal their things! - Said some voice in the crowd


- Together we can take them down! - Said the earth spokeswoman - And the earth goblins will lead you all into a brighter future.


You could almost hear the record scratch. Almost. Afterall it had not been invented yet.

- Wait, what? - Said the water ambassador - We should be the ones to lead this!


- Oh yeah? You will splash your way to victory? - Said the leader of the fire goblins - Oh no! Watch out, some water!

- Well, better than burning away and doing nothing else! - Retorted the goblin, it was not a great comeback.

- Is it though? - Said the air spokesperson - Also, quit your rambling, it is clear that the air goblins are the ones to lead this.

The infighting had begun, the crowd was at each other throats, just looking for which head to bonk next. The leaders were yelling at each other, believing them to be better than each other. 


The situation was quickly devolving from a chaotic mess to a chaotic violent mess. Sure, not a huge difference, but still a difference, nevertheless. And it would probably become a chaotic bloody violent mess if not for some pretty clear and obvious realization from a couple of goblins.

-Wait, wait, wait - Said a random goblin - Isn’t that exactly what the humans and whatnot think of us?

- She has a point - Said someone else - I mean, if we divide ourselves, we will be crushed by them, again. And all this won’t even matter.


- Yeah! All that matters is that a goblin is put in charge - said another voice in the crowd.


- And steal their things - Said the same random voice.


-Yes, and steal their things, random rogue. - Said the fire Spokesperson


The tribe’s ambassadors had calmed down by now. They looked at each other trying to come up with a solution.


-What if… - the fire tribe’s ambassador started - we united against them but allowed some backstabbing.


-Some backstabbing? - Puzzled the earth spokeswoman.

The proposal was obviously insane, and that meant the goblins would most likely accept it.

-Okay - Said the water tribe ambassador - I can get down with that.

-But who will lead the goblins? - The air spokesperson posed the question knowing very well the answer to it. 


-Well, whoever takes the throne first - Said the Fire goblin.


-And whoever takes the throne, will lead all the goblin tribes - Said the Earth spokeswoman - We will be united under one banner!

-With some backstabbing allowed! - added the Water tribe ambassador.

-With some backstabbing allowed - everyone else agreed.


The goblins watching the exchange nodded in approval of the absurd proposal. At least it was incredibly on character for them. And so, the goblin united front was formed. Now, it is time for blood and war. Now it is the time for sword and sorcery. Now it is the time of the goblins.


It’s time for a revolution.


It’s time for an Uprising!

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about the tribes

Upon the creation of the goblins were created with each leftover of each element, every drop of fire, water, earth and wind created the four tribes that live in Eldain. Each tribe has its own characteristics and way to behave themselfs which make them unique, but don´t mistake them, they are very united especially when the subject is an Uprising against the "Tall Races"


fire tribe

These Goblins live in the blazing mountains of Eldain. They are known for being even more reckless than the other goblins, and that is saying something. They are mortal enemies of the Dwarves, and they will bring the heat to their doorstep.


water tribe

On the shores of Eldain, the water goblins shared their home with the merfolk. It did not take long for their “friends” to think to highly of themselves and cast the goblins out of the reefs. These ones enjoy long walk on the beaches, not being stabbed in the back and kicking out guests that overstayed their welcome. 



In the woods of the realm, the earth goblins lived in relative peace before those self-centered elves came along. These goblins are experts in survival, and they are ready to put this skill to the service of the revolution. 



They are the ones that guided goblinkind to the promised land of Eldain. Exploration and wanderlust are their true passion in life. Always curious and searching for the next new thing. Their nemesis, the humans, took over the prairies and drove them out of their homes, but the wind is changing, and the humans will not enjoy the coming storm.


the guardians of eldain

The Guardians are Eldain most powerful beings and avatars of the elements of nature, they have always lived in harmony with the Goblins but when the "Tall Races" conquer Eldaine they were se aside and had their shires destroyed... Now they may join your cause if you prove yourself worth of it.


sally - the morning fire

The ancient spirit of fire, Sally used to guard the mountains and volcanoes of Eldain. She helped the fire goblins settle in the mountains. This Guardian was ultimately defeated, and the dwarves shattered her shrine. The goblins took revenge on their friend, or at least they tried. Little did they know, the dwarven folk were ready for war, more than that, they longed for it. 

Before the goblins could even form an offensive, the newcomers in the valley completely overwhelmed them. With nothing but the shirts on their back, the fire goblins retreated to a hidden part of the mountain, but they did not mourn. Deep inside, every single one of them felt the smoldering fire growing. Soon they would fight side by side with their friend, and this time things will turn out pretty differently.


lonty - the running river

A long time ago, Lonty lived alone on the reefs, he shaped much of the region and the merfolk reaped the benefits. They valued him as an ally but it did not take long for them to betray Lonty and desecrated his shrine. Now Lonty spends his days gathering essence around him in hopes of finding a partner. The Water goblins lived in harmony with the merfolk, and they actually considered to be part of their kind for some time.


But Lonty’s demise caught them off guard, and when they tried to talk to the Merfolk, their concerns were laughed at. The goblins then expelled the Merfolk from the reefs, “We accepted you here and you murder our friend!” they said. But the Merfolk betrayed more than one party that day. It did not take long for the water goblins to run away, mourning their guardian.


Mons - the unbreakable protector

When the goblins first stepped on the valley, the very earth answered. Mons rose up from the stones and welcomed the new inhabitants to their new home.

As long as the earth goblins were respectful and cared for each other, they could stay for as long as they like. But then, the elves came, and they twisted and shaped the forest as they desired, breaking the natural balance in the name of beauty, when Mons confronted them, they answered with bow and blade. Breaking the unbreakable guardian. With the bear gone, the elves turned their weapons towards the goblins and exiled them from the forest. But not all hope is lost, while his form was shattered, his spirit is the one thing that will never break.


cora - the cloud messenger

The Air Goblins did what they did best: they followed the wind and guided all Goblinfolk to the valley. They never really had a home, the air goblins were nomads, as soon as they heard the wind’s whispers, they knew it was time to go. So maybe it was the wind that united Cora and their kind. The cloud messenger looked in their eyes and saw kindred spirits. Although they were never close, there was great reverence between them.


Together they settled the plains and for a long time they prospered. But an ill wind blew from the north. Humans, hundreds of them, clad in furs and wielding steel. As soon as they stepped in the golden plains, they turned red. Cora flew away, guiding the remaining goblins to a safe haven, and then, she vanished. Her patience for the humans gone with her, now she is but a ghost that hunts in the night. Her shrine was turned to rubble by the humans. To this very day, when the clouds take over the skies, humans know better to dally on the golden grass, for as soon the darkness comes, the cloud messenger becomes the Night Queen. And royalty will not have her domains disrespected.


gat-ro - death gatekeeper

There are very few places in Eldain that are completely devoid of life, the desert to the south is one of those places, and Gat-Ro watches over this wasteland. Do not misunderstand, is not this way by design, nor its the desire of this guardian. If it was up to him, the desert would be thriving with life. Afterall, for death to exist, something must be alive in the first place, and not too long ago, the desert had a thriving people, the kobolds.


Ingenious little fellows, they not only endured the heat, they embraced it, they made the desert their own. And in such inhospitable place, they were safe from most aggressors. One day, a large shadow was cast upon the sand, it was like the sun itself was being eclipsed. A dragon. His fury transformed sand into glass and free hearts into shackled spirits. The kobolds that resisted died and today very few remain. Contrary to popular belief, the guardian of death did not rejoice at the genocide. Quite the contrary, the relation between death and life is a delicate balance, and the dragon tipped the scales. And as long as the that menace remained, the balance was in peril. Now, Gat-Ro wanted have a go at the scales himself, the dragon will soon learn not to mess with death.


lilica - the lifesaver

Even in the frozen wastes, there is life to be found. Lilica wanders through the snow looking for anyone that strayed way too far from home.


At first this was her purpose, but a dark power house in the north, a power she had never seen before, something that offended the very purpose of her existence: undeath. Hordes of zombies were being risen in the catacombs. At first, she could handle them, but when a powerful lich appeared, it became too much for her to bear. She sought assistance from the nearby races, only to be turned down and mistreated. Now, she fights the undead and hopes that someone will come to her aid to put this menace to rest one final time.


other misterious forces....


Eldain is also a world of mistery, there are other guardians that the goblins aren´t aware of....Some goblins spoted these mystical animals but no one believed in them, everbody thought that was another goblin story. But when the "Tall Races" arrived the legendary stories started to become more commom and some people started to belive.... What are they? It all remain a mistery, at least for now.... 

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